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Rosemary Romberg was one of the first intactivists to publish a groundbreaking book in 1985 with Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma. Now the second, completely revised edition is available, edited by Ulf Dunkel after her death in 2020. A German translation is also available.

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The definitive book on circumcision, meriting the subtitle “Everything you wanted to know about circumcision and were afraid to ask.” – This second edition of Rosemary Romberg’s standard work from 1985 about genital mutilation on minors has been very much revised and supplemented with current information. Circumcision: The Painful Dilemma will stand as a moving social document of our times. A thoroughly researched and balanced critique of current medical research, myths, and realities, it will touch the hearts and open the minds of parents, and empower them to make the right decision about circumcision for their intact sons. Everyone who intends to have a child, and all of their relatives, caregivers and educators, should read this book.

For all readers of the printed version, this website provides the Informational Resources sections of all relevant chapters in the side menu. This way the URLs can simply be clicked on instead of tediously typing them out from the book.