1. NAPSAC – The InterNational Association of Parents & Professionals for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth – Nancy B. Perry – a well known and highly influential information resource during the 1970’s & 1980’s
    Romberg’s book is a complete and throughout collection that ties together both research and the experience of parents, doctors, nurses, men and women. While some of the statistics are slightly out of date (20 years later) the issues at the core still remain. We have not come far from the atrocities that existed when Romberg first wrote this book, and they are some of the most pressing influences on the health and well-being of our babies. At this time in history, when the United States remains the only developed country in the world to cut up 50% of its baby boys at birth, we must ask WHY? Romberg’s book does an excellent job answering this question, and preparing parents to make a fully informed decision prior to the birth of their little one. – Reviewer used nickname
    The ethical and intellectual struggle against the American practice of routine infant circumcision began with Wallerstein’s 1980 book, whose viewpoint is that of a scientifically educated male. The next chapter in this struggle was Romberg’s book, whose viewpoint is that of a mother of 6 children and a childbirth educator. During the 1980s, Romberg, Wallerstein, and Milos kept the lonely faith, paving the way for the growing awareness since 1990 that RIC is wrong. Mothers are effective critics of RIC, because they are free of personal bitterness, and because they are more likely to retain their common sense and good nature. Romberg’s book is a fine case in point. – Reviewer used nickname


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