Thanks To

I wish to express gratitude to the following people:

To the wonderful people who publish Mothering Magazine. Shortly after I began this research I wrote a letter which appeared in the Winter 1978 issue of their magazine. In that letter I requested that people write to me about their experiences concerning circumcision. An incredible amount of communication filled with valuable information and encouragement reached me as a result of that letter. Their publication of my article (which I now title “Circumcision: My Own Story”) which was published in their Winter 1981 issue brought me even more wonderful contacts and support.

To Constance Bean for writing the chapter “The Circ Room” in her book Labor and Delivery, An Observer’s Guide. This chapter upset me terribly, but contributed to my decision to write this book.

To Dr. Frederick Leboyer, for awakening people to the fact that newborn babies are sensitive, feeling individuals. Why were we unable to realize this before Birth Without Violence opened our eyes?

To  the late George Soule who helped me immensely with my research and gave me continued moral support.   We all miss you so much since you left us in 1990.

To  Jeffrey  R.  Wood,  for  giving me  encouragement  and  moral  support,  and  for  founding INTACT Educational Foundation.

To Dave Beauvais for his help in preparing the original manuscript for publication.

To Jeannine Parvati Baker who has been an inspiration to me. You left this earth much too soon and I miss you every day.

To Suzanne Arms whose wonderful photographic skills have provided many of the pictures I have used. The fire and energy that went into your world changing book Immaculate Deception has inspired me and so many others to speak out as well against medical absurdities.

To Marilyn Milos, RN whose maternal regret and heartbreak mirrors my own. Your undying energy, strength and determination have carried intactivism so much further than I ever could have done on my own.

To Richard Angell for urging me to update this book and make it available to others on line.

To Duane Voskuil for all of your help with the computer scanning.

To John Erickson whose clear, concise writings and “in your face” style of presenting information has packed a far greater “wallop” than even I have dared to try. Thank you for encouraging me and admonishing me through all these years. You also left this earth much too soon and we all continue to miss your dedication and support.

To U-Alabio who carried my website and book on Wikipedia at one time.

To Janet Boyd for your tireless generosity, help and computer skills in continuing to carry my website and book and your endless patience with me as we’ve trudged through every glitch, typo and re-write along the way.

To Brother K and all of the “blood-stained men”. Your pure energy and guts that go into every demonstration has cranked all of intactivism up into an entirely new dimension.

To the many other people, too numerous to list, who have shared their knowledge, experiences, feelings, and concern that in so many ways have contributed to this book.

To my husband Steve, and my three sons Eric, Jason, and Ryan, all of whom have been “victims of the system,” but are beautiful people nonetheless. Without them this book never would have been written.

To my daughter Lisa, who was conceived, carried, and born while this project was underway. May you grow up to live in a happier, saner world.

To my mother, Mary Jo Romberg, who left this world in 1999 after 88 years of life. Your immense intelligence, sensitivity towards people, and compassion for children gave me the foundation for my own career as a mother, researcher, writer, activist, and creative craftsperson.

To my father, Harland G. Romberg, who left this world in 2003 at age 93. You never could understand me or acknowledge my work, but I’m sure I’ve inherited much of your brilliant mind and solid Germanic stubbornness nonetheless.

To my youngest two children, Kevin and Melissa, born in 1985 and 1989, after this book was first written. Kevin, you were just an embryo inside of me when my garage was filled with copies of my book’s first edition. The first male in our family, after countless generations, to grow up with all parts of your body. To you it seems like no big deal. But your emphatic announcement at age seven, upon having circumcision explained to you, — “NO!! That is NEVER going to happen to ME!!” — has been our most powerful statement yet. Wouldn’t every baby say the same, if only they too could speak?

Melissa, born at home, in our bathtub, — the simplest birth of all. At age 42, 6th baby, 3 prior miscarriages, — others tried to tell me I didn’t have the right to the kind of birth I wanted. Little girl, priceless treasure, filled the hole left by other births gone wrong, other daughters gone from this world too soon. You were our little “tomboy”, living in a world filled with softball games and puppy dogs. Now you are all grown up (too soon for Mommy!) May your life be filled with rewards. May the world allow you to be whatever you want to be.

Finally, to my precious grandchildren – Sonya, Marina, Julia and my perfect grandson Logan. You have all brought me so much joy and the most honorable title of “Grandma.” May you face a world filled with positiveness, love and fulfilled promises, free from unspoken assaults on any children of the future.

Rosemary Romberg